Watch Collecting : A Beginners Guide

When you’re starting a new hobby there’s a lot to get your head around.  Lots of people with opinions aplenty and before you know it, you could actually find yourself living out someone else’s hobby rather than your own.


Some hobbies seem to suffer from this more than others and many could be forgiven for thinking that an intrinsically technical interest like watch collecting naturally treads dangerously towards this cliff-edge of pretentiousness and ‘hobby-snobbery’ but I’m writing this to tell you, it doesn’t have to be like that at all!



Making a Start


For any collector, the first watch is usually a gift or a purchase made more out of necessity than desire in any case you may glance at the watch thousands of times before you actually think ‘what makes this tick?’.  The likelihood is also that after a few hundred or thousand glances, you’ll notice more and more about it’s design and form over function.  You may enjoy a moment of appreciation based on what’s on your wrist and when you notice something else on another watch, either in a shop window or an advert or even someone else’s wrist, well then you’ve taken your first steps to becoming a collector.  Don’t fight it, resistance really is futile.  Come in and immerse yourself on some of the most beautiful and mechanically perfect machines mankind has ever made.  Enjoy the miniature classic lines, shapes and colours similar to how car ‘officianados’ do and start to learn about some of the makes and models that you’ll probably hanker after for many years before actually owning but will you allow me the opportunity to share one critical piece of advice early on?


Value ≠ Cost


It’s only too easy (in any sphere of life) to know the cost of everything but the value of nothing and if you only look at watches as objects of $$$ then you’ll only be the kind of collector that jewelers and sellers superficially ‘respect’. Why not start your collection by collecting second-hand (no pun intended) vintage pieces that don’t cost too much but still give you chance to develop a distinct style and approach too.  Let the actual value of the watch as an object, almost with it’s own ‘soul’, appeal to you in it’s own right and before you know it, your collection will be growing along with your knowledge of brands and technologies.  You may even find that you still have some money left over for things like, let’s say bills and food.


Growing your collection, growing your hobby
The likelihood is, once you’re on the journey you’ll start to notice what other people wear on their wrists too and once you’re known as a ‘collector’ you’ll also find many more people who share this wonderful hobby.  Keep doing your research, try not to sell watches from your collection unless you absolutely must and finally remember to enjoy your hobby without getting stressed about what you don’t have or can’t afford. The magical day will come along when you get that ‘special’ watch, only to find it was something of a ‘mirage’ and another one appears in the distance for you to trek towards and so, I’m happy to report, your hobby continues!